We Are A Charity Organization That Raises Money Through Tailgates!


Tailgate Caravan, Shut Up I Love You and The Matt Wadleigh Foundation Want To Make 2021 The Summer Of LoVE!

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Matt Wadleigh was a beacon of LoVE and light in our DMB community. Matt started spreading his message of LoVE in 2004 at the Chula Vista show by holding up a sign that said “LoVE”. That simple message spread, gaining the attention of his fellow DMB fans and the band.


Unfortunately, Matt passed away in 2009. However, his sister Jess has continued Matt’s legacy and message with the Matt Wadleigh LoVE Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to spread Matt’s simple message of LoVE by encouraging others to live a life of kindness and generosity. Through generous donations, his foundation is able to make donations to charities that spread LoVE throughout the world. Some of those charities include Doctors Without Borders, The BlinkNow Foundation, Ryan’s Well, HomeBoy Industries, Oceana and Hometown Heroes. They have also donated funds to help the people and animals during the California wildfires and the recent Australian wildfires.


Shut Up I Love You and Tailgate Caravan believe so much in Matt’s message and we want you to help spread the word and make the DMB 2021 tour the Summer of LoVE! Your mission is simple. Make a donation to receive one of our LoVE retractable signs, take it to every DMB show you attend this summer, and hold it up at the start of the encore of each show.


Order your sign now and we will ship it to you right away, or you can pick one up at any of the Tailgate Caravan tailgates this summer. All proceeds raised will go directly to the Matt Wadleigh LoVE Foundation at the end of the summer. We also plan on having a big Summer of LoVE Celebration to at the Gorge. Stay tuned for more details.


Come join us and make 2021 the Summer of LoVE!

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Announcing the 2021 TGC Summer of LoVE!

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