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Tailgate Caravan is a charity organization that puts on tailgate events to raise money for charities. Tailgate Caravan started several years ago, when some friends got together for a tailgate party on the rooftop of the aquarium parking garage for the DMB Camden shows. The friends wanted to do a more "sophisticated" tailgate - with good food, good wine, and good craft beer. Each year, a few more friends joined the party. Eventually, the party took over almost the entire rooftop of the garage. A couple of the guys got together, and realized that they could turn their tailgate party into something much bigger and better. From there, Tailgate Caravan was born! The "official" tailgate party has become a tradition on Camden N2 of every DMB tour. The tailgate has turned into something people looked forward to every year! It's a chance to see friends that you haven't seen since the last tour. We've had people attend from all over the country (and even all over the world). To date, Tailgate Caravan has raised tens of thousands of dollars through their tailgate events. In addition to the tailgates in Camden, they've hosted tailgates at SPAC, Holmdel, Jones Beach, Bristow, Charleston and even The Gorge. Tailgate Caravan works closely with our three main charities - NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Bucks County, PA, NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Lowcountry, SC and the Music Resource Center in Charlottesville - to make sure the money we raise at our events is going to the right places. We hope you join us at an upcoming tailgate event and be sure to eat, drink and be merry!


"When you give, you begin to live." - Dave Matthews


"Fresh Cut French Fries"




"Will travel for beer"


"The Raffle Queen"


"The Fifth Beatle"


"The Sign Guy"

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